hey, look at us



What does this site do, exactly? The number is how any people are currently on the site.

Ok, the site does two things if you count dynamically generating tweet text for you to share the site. :)

Technical Stuff

The stack for this site is Node, Fastify, and Redis on the backend and regular old HTML/CSS/JS on the frontend. No third-part tracking scripts. It’s hosted on Glitch.


Hope you get a tiny bit of joy out of this very silly little site. A fun thing to do is to share it with a group (your Twitter followers, a Slack workspace, your group chat) and watch the number go up. This probably shouldn’t be as satisfying as it is.

Update: i’m here for me.

After I launched this site, a friend suggested it would be fun if in addition to a site that tells you how many people are on it I also built a site that only lets one person on at a time. “Haha,” I thought. But then I couldn’t get the though out of my head. So, I built imherefor.me, which does exactly that.



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