• Karl R

    Karl R

    Research engineer at https://fcav.engin.umich.edu within @UMRobotics. Previous: @food52, http://realtimefarms.com , google/android

  • Grace Wong

    Grace Wong

    Bear masquerading as human. Software engineer @getclef

  • Diana Shkolnikov

    Diana Shkolnikov

    CTO & Co-founder of StreetCred

  • amandahesser


    Co-founder of @Food52. Author. Former New York Times writer. Parent of twins. I live in Brooklyn, but not the cool part.

  • Mike De'Shazer

    Mike De'Shazer

    coder, author, educator & founder

  • Abhinav Arora

    Abhinav Arora

    Boston College MBA'14. Worked on Robots & Cars in the past. Marketing & Services @HubSpot now. Fascinated by the intersection of Enginering, Tech & Marketing

  • Perry Rosenstein

    Perry Rosenstein

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