Natural, not simple. (Photo by pandu ior)

Ruby’s algorithm for finding the definition of a constant is more complex than you might think.

The other day, I was doing some refactoring in the Rails CMS that serves We allow our editors to toggle several boolean attributes on stories—starring them, flagging them, etc.—and we’d DRY’d up the controllers for these attributes by subclassing them to an abstract controller, StoryBooleansController:

class StoryBooleansController < BaseController…

(Shhh! This seal is writing good code.)

A Good Engineer is a Lazy Engineer

The customer care manager at my company was hiring for a position that involved responding to customer emails. As part of the application process, she asked candidates to respond to a sample customer complaint.

One applicant submitted a response that sounded oddly familiar…

Michael Hoffman

Dad. Once and future software engineer.

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